August 1, 2019, marked the launch of our new 2020 Friends of the Fair program which includes some changes.

Over the years, we’ve heard that our Friends of the Fair felt confusion surrounding the number of levels and the benefits received at each level. Our recent member survey also helped us understand which benefits were most desirable to Foundation supporters. With thought and care, we have decided to make these changes to make the Friends of the Fair program as straight-forward as possible for our donors so the funds it raises can do the most good for the Minnesota State Fair.

What are the changes?

Bricks, Benches, and Tables now stand alone, pulled outside of the Friends of the Fair membership program

  • Tables: $5,000 donation
  • Benches: $2,500 donation
  • Bricks: $250 donation
  • The deadline for placement at the 2020 Fair is June 1, 2020 for tables and benches, July 1, 2020 for bricks

Fewer membership levels:

  • Green Ribbon- $25
  • Yellow Ribbon- $50
  • Red Ribbon- $100
  • Blue Ribbon- $500
  • Purple Ribbon- $1,000
  • The deadline for 2020 memberships is July 31, 2020

2020 Friends of the Fair will have the choice between a Blue Ribbon Bargain Book or a State Fair annual Friends of the Fair pin (each valued at $5)

Grandstand presale access

How did these changes come about?

We want to make our giving programs work well for the greatest number of donors. We also want to best meet your desire to support the Foundation mission while still offering popular membership and recognition benefits.